Friday, August 31, 2007

Another GOPer Outing Coming?

DownWithTyranny!: WHO'LL BE THE NEXT REPUBLICAN HYPOCRITE TO BE DRAGGED OUT OF THE CLOSET SCREAMING ABOUT MEDIA WITCH HUNTS?: "...The murdered gay Republicans include Ralph Reed's purported ex-lover, Ralph Gonzalez (former head of the rabidly homophobic Georgia Republican Party), David Abrami and McHenry guy-pal Robert Drake, the shooter. All three were found last week in a murder-suicide in an Orlando apartment. According to right-wing website, the North Carolina Conservative 'All three men were active in Republican politics.' They mention that Drake is 'an associate' of McHenry's but don't define that. He is alleged to be an associate of quite a few younger men, some of whom are gay and some of whom are just gay-for-pay. (Note: The websites in this GOP report are graphic, pornographic gay prostitute sites and if you don't want to see that kind of stuff DO NOT copy and paste the links. They are purposely not in the form of links....)"

Wow. This could really be a very hot potato. In fact, if only half of what is alleged is true, it is really bad. DownWithTyranny has the complete rundown complete with a warning about visiting some of the web sites listed because of the explicit nature of the material.

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