Saturday, November 02, 2013

Bad Words In The Airport

There's only one way to wipe out racism and that is to wipe out all racism. Please join me and remind people that bigotry extends beyond pigmentation.

When no one said anything: How racism goes unquestioned -
...Not one person said anything; I was surrounded by people...
Nor did you.

I've been called disparaging names to my face many times and routinely see offensively enraging terms used casually in the media. The Oneida don't like "Redskin" and I don't like: hick, hillbilly, cracker, or any of the other names used to insult rural Appalachian mountaineers. Every time I see or hear those racist insults I call the person out. If it's in my face, I usually say something like "I don't like being referred to that way." If it's on the Internet, I typically leave and an opinion that it is racist to refer to any group stereotypically, which sometimes sets off long and often vulgar retorts that nearly always contain the reminder that "we whipped your ass in the Civil War."

One of these days I'm really going to wind the stem on that watch. 

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