Friday, November 15, 2013

Web Sites Are Not Hurricanes

This is a point that O's people need to keep hammering-- no one drowned from the ACA rollout. They need to be constantly reminded of the GOP's attempts to rewrite history and their pledges to obstruct the ACA at every point.

Comparing Obamacare to Hurricane Katrina - Nobody Drowned From Obamacare - Esquire:
...No, actually, it's not. When you all cocked up the response to Hurricane Katrina, thousands and thousands of people died unnecessarily. When you all went out of your way to dismantle FEMA, which had been one of the crown jewels of the previous administration, and then handed the remnants over to the failed CEO of a luxury show-horse organization, thousands and thousands of people actually died. They were not inconvenienced for a spell by a botch of a website. They were really, most sincerely dead...

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