Saturday, November 23, 2013

NYT Wrong About South

My bold below: The South’s New Lost Cause -
...The only good news is that a handful of political leaders down South have grasped the utter stupidity of refusing to help their own people, or even giving the state exchanges a chance. In this month’s recent special election for a congressional seat in a solidly Republican Louisiana district, a pragmatic businessman, Vance McAllister, beat a Tea Party candidate with the full Obama derangement syndrome. The winner said Obamacare was the law of the land and might as well be applied in Louisiana, the nation’s third poorest state. (It didn’t hurt that he had the backing of a “Duck Dynasty” star.)

But most of the South is defiant -- their own Lost Cause for the 21st century.
It's damn sure more than a handful. In NC, Democrats received more votes than Republicans but lost control of both Houses-- thanks to gerrymandering and other GOP tactics. When the majority can not rule in a state, it is up to the Federal government to step up and make things right--- that's on you, America, not on us.

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