Friday, November 01, 2013

Elections Shall Have No Juducal Consequences, GOPers Think

The Politics of Petulance -
...The problem, as Senate Republicans now claim, is that the court’s workload is too light to justify filling its three vacant seats. This is a transparently bogus argument, and the Republicans know it. The D.C. Circuit’s caseload is essentially unchanged from 2005, when Senate Republicans voted to confirm two of President George Bush’s nominees to the court. But now they accuse President Obama of trying to “pack the court.”

Putting aside the flatly dishonest use of that term, the Republicans’ real concern, as the Senate minority whip, John Cornyn, told reporters this week, is that nominees like Ms. Millett will “tilt the court ideologically in a way that favors the big-government agenda of the Obama administration.” Many are responding to business lobbyists who do not want important commerce cases decided by a judge appointed by Mr. Obama...

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