Saturday, November 09, 2013

Weiner Rehab Begins

Anthony Weiner Comes Out Strong On Bill Maher | Firebrand Progressives:
...But on Friday night, during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, an all but forgotten articulate, confident, and poised Anthony Weiner—the same Anthony Weiner many of us so fondly remember from his days in congress— sparred with fellow panelists GOPAC president David Avella and political scientistDr. Victoria DeFransceco Soto on the topic of Obamacare.

While I could use this space to quote and summarize the discussion and ensuing argument that took place during the exchange, nothing I say will paint as vivid of an image as simply watching the video. What I will say instead is that as I watched this, I realized two things: I am now even more saddened that Anthony Weiner fell so far from grace, and I’m not sure I would ever count him out. Time has a funny way of healing things, and in spite of all the bizarre comments and behavior that we saw and heard from him during the past year, he still has that fire that immediately endeared him in the hearts of so many progressives when he was in congress...

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