Sunday, November 03, 2013

Comment Of The Day: Benghazi Edition,3

David Brock to call on '60 Minutes' to retract Benghazi report -
Benghazi resonates with a very narrow slice of the American people primarily on the far right of the republican party. The vast majority of the public has rendered the correct verdict that Benghazi was a CIA-Military FUBAR project. Efforts to tie President Obama and Hillary Clinton to some sinister coverup are not very much different than the Vince Foster affair in the 1990s when investigation after investigation was executed at considerable cost in dollars and wasted time only to reach the same conclusion time after time. That is what is going on here. It is only being kept in the news by a mainstream media that wants to ingratiate itself to the far right and convince them that they are not all liberals in the tank for Obama and Clinton. The truth is most of the media carry water for the republican party.

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