Friday, June 27, 2014

Pain And The DEA

Cannonfire-- "Drugs, pain and the whole damned thing"

...It’s not just a war on black-market, “street” drugs, it’s a four decades-long societal blitzkrieg to control and micromanage every kind of illegal and legitimate psychopharmacological agent that has any conceivable anesthetic, euphoric or dissociative mind-altering properties. Many hundreds of thousands of arrests, prosecutions, convictions and imprisonments later, along with god knows how many wasted hundreds of billions and illegal drug activity in the USA is so demonstrably worse than it ever was when war was first declared back in 1970, that nobody knows whether to laugh or cry. Except, that is, the movers and shakers of the criminal underworld who of course are absolutely thrilled, along with the many legitimate businesses that prosper handsomely from this immensely self-destructive national crusade. Their greatest fear is that America might have an attack of common-sense and repeal drug prohibition...

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