Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Daily Flashback: Clinton Vs. Obama

Insulting the Wimmin Brains on Hillary vs Obama | The Confluence:

...Savor that for a moment. Just an instant and no more. What Digby is saying is what all of us Clintonistas have known for 6 years: the primary was a virtual dead heat and at any other convention, there would have been a floor fight. But *someone(s)* didn’t want a real primary. Those someones found it more expedient to ram Obama down our throats whether or not the country wanted it or not and they were willing to rig the nomination to get it. I suspect those someones were the same people who looked a bit further into the future and didn’t want any cramdowns on securitized mortgages or policies that would force the medical/insurance business to negotiate on costs...

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billy pilgrim said...

i see where hillary is getting a $250,000 speaking fee. it'll be interesting to see how much obama gets and how many corporate directorships he racks up.