Wednesday, June 04, 2014

SOS Clinton And The Media

Enough Already: Why The Press Should Stop Lecturing Hillary Clinton About The Press | Blog | Media Matters for America:

...Fast-forward to today and there's already a disingenuous, everything-could-go-wrong-for-Hillary brand of coverage that flourishes within the Beltway press corps. For instance, the New York Times last winter published a page-one article claiming the Clintons had to "rebuild" their bond with black voters, despite the fact the Clintons remain hugely popular with black voters.

More recently, the D.C. press has begun warning that Clinton's tenure as secretary of state could damage a potential presidential run. Yet a Pew Research poll this year indicated a strong majority of Americans (67 percent) applaud Clinton's time as secretary of state. In fact, when asked to identify the biggest positive of her long public career, the top response was Clinton's time as secretary.

So maybe that's why she doesn't trust the Beltway media?

And maybe it's time for reporters to stop with the navel gazing.

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