Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where Ignorance Is Power

Today's Conservatives: Pioneers of our new idiocracy - What Would Jack Do:

...Here’s the problem with this new emphasis on ignorance: There’s no way for America to retain even a shred of the “American Exceptionalism” Conservatives gleefully trumpet at every opportunity. How is ignorance of truth and denial of discernible reality supposed to help America compete in an increasingly global economy? There’s no benefit to be realized through aggressive, willful ignorance, and the damage done will not be easily undone.

Is it any wonder why I fear for the future of this (soon to be formerly) great country? We’re allowing agents of ignorance and idiocy to chart our course based of falsehoods and disinformation. There’s no telling which shore we’ll wash up on…but one day we’ll awaken to an American where idiots rule and the educated are shunned and treated like criminals. The transition to our American idiocracy will be complete...

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