Monday, June 09, 2014

The Daily Flashback: SOS Clinton Rules Edition

Achieve this | Uppity Woman:

...Let’s rewind to 2008. She lost the primary. Some say Obama was a better campaigner. Some say her campaign organization was a mess. Some say the media burned her. Some say the Democratic Party Effed her over by redistributing her delegates and then added insult to injuery by not even having the decency to hold a legitimate floor vote (the purpose of a convention) to honor the achievement of getting more primary votes than any other presidential candidate. Ever.

If I were she, I’d have been pissed and not ready to make nice. But not Hillary. She kept her promise and did “campaign her heart out” for Obama. It was lucky for him too because he was done and exhausted halfway through the primaries. (Hence the media drumbeat for WWTBQ...)

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