Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Comment Of The Day: Old School Employer Edition

American Exceptionalism - Esquire

Mark Whitney · Top Commenter · President at NCTI of Colorado

To me this is the money quote: "But we can still make money out of it -
and McDonald's does, too. Otherwise, it wouldn't be in Denmark."
McDonald's is making money in Denmark. Any business that is turning a profit will stay open.
The problem here in the "Exceptional Merica", is that the sociopaths here don't give a f^%k about the employees here.
I have said it before, but I will say again: I am a small business owner here in Colorado. My yearly income for my business is less than 1 million. My lowest paid employee is making $15.00 per hour. I offer health and dental to all of my full time employees. I my taxable income is 6 figures. I could take home more by paying my employees less, but I want everyone who works for me to make a living wage and not have to worry about making ends meet. More importantly I don't want them to have to apply for government assistance. This is my social contract as a business owner. I would be hauled out a boardroom in chains if I worked for Walmart. How much is enough for these people?

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