Monday, October 27, 2014

The End Of The Liberal Is Neigh

Netvibes: "Apocalypse Now: Seriously, It's Time for a Major Rethink About Liberal and Progressive Politics"

... In that light, I have started describing myself as a pragmatic apocalyptic. What that means is, there are huge problems on the horizon, likely severe crises ahead, and there is at present no light at the end of the tunnel. Let's stop fantasizing about all the ways our world should be when there isn't the remotest chance of those ideas coming to fruition
anytime soon, if ever. Let's focus on what can be done, on building local and regional strength, on developing thousands of new organizers and fewer think-tankers, and bringing people together in ways they feel supported, as opposed to on their own, with no one at their backs. 
Great. You go first for a change. How about stopping demeaning all Southerners instead of the mouth- breathing right-wing ammosexual freaks you're really aiming at?

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