Saturday, October 25, 2014

On The Latest Shooting

UNARMED Hero Teacher Crushes NRA Talking Points, Courageously Stops WA School Shooter (Video) - Firebrand Progressives:

...The shooting could have been much worse, as Fryberg was reportedly reloading his “rapid fire” pistol and was poised to shoot a few more people. But during the time he paused to reload, a courageous teacher approached Fryberg and put a stop to it.

The teacher, who was initially described as being a “lunch lady” but was later identified as first year social studies instructor Megan Silberberger, grabbed Fryberg’s arms while he was reloading. And then the gun went off, striking and killing Fryberg. It is unclear if he intentionally shot himself or if the shot was a result of Silberberger’s intervention. But at any rate, the tragedy was over, and this brave teacher surely prevented it from being a bigger tragedy...

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