Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ebola Freak Out Boogey

The Rude Pundit: The Rude Pundit's Chicken Soup for the Ebola'd Soul:

...They're not homogenous down there. There's a lot of people in the South just like the Rude Pundit's friends. And we're not homogenous up here. We are filthy with religion, too.

But here's the difference, the reason that we're not freaking out. Our lawmakers, for the most part, know that science, not Jesus, shows us we shouldn't freak out. The people, for the most part, think that, too (and, besides, it's a helluva lot easier to go about your daily routine than change it up). So the pressure will be on us to panic. People who profit from such things will attempt to assure that it does. And maybe you will be able to wipe the smirk off our smug faces as we board our windows after another half dozen cases...
I have neither seen, nor heard, nor read of anyone "down" here freaking out. It's been decades since anyone tried to "Jesus" me and I've never heard Christian music played in a public space, though that would be a break from the never ending goo of elevator music.

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