Friday, October 03, 2014

Hospital Ebola Questions

A reminder about ebola treatment | The Confluence:

...Do we know whether Mr. Duncan has insurance? He’d better because no one in Texas without insurance is allowed to get ebola. Perry didn’t expand Medicaid. Update: Duncan is not an American citizen. He’s just here for a visit. So, we can guess that one of the reasons why the hospital didn’t keep a sick Liberian who was showing signs of possible ebola infection when he first showed up is because they were concerned with the costs. Oh, yes, my best beloveds, hospitals are more than willing to toss sick people out when it starts to get too expensive for the insurance company. We have been there.

We really need an investigation of the behavior of the hospital that discharged Mr. Duncan to discover whether this was the result of a bad cost-benefit calculation. Did the hospital just take a wild bet that Mr. Duncan did not have ebola so they wouldn’t have to keep him in an expensive isolation unit? Enquiring minds want to know...
The first response to all medical errors: Blame The Nurse.

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