Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clinton Moving Up

Hillary’s Wonderful Week - Matt Latimer - POLITICO Magazine:

...Yes, these are good days for the Hillary Clinton proto-campaign. Her first good days in a long while, in fact. No longer will she have to worry so much about gaining distance from President Obama—though that’s certainly on her agenda. No longer will she have to defend or explain her position on issues pushed by a Democratic Senate. No longer will she have to subtly run against her husband and his scandals. Instead, she can run squarely against the circus that will preoccupy Congress and the media with every passing day. The calm voice of wearied experience. The wizened wife and mother—now grandmother—who can keep those rambunctious boys in line.

She’s probably just about the only person in Washington today who’s even happier than Mitch McConnell.

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