Friday, November 07, 2014

Talking To The Choir

5 Things The Democratic Party Must Change To Win Elections Again
...Stop the elitism: As a white male who lives in the South and owns guns, I don’t feel like I belong to that party and haven’t been registered with them in 4 years. More and more it feels like unless you’re a New York or California true blue, ideologically pure liberal, you’re really not welcome. That’s an especially big turn off to white, blue-collar voters who may not like Republican policies, but feel like Democrats look down on them as poor and uneducated rednecks who need to have their guns taken away. Stop talking about how horrible Republicans are all the time and start telling them what you can do to make their lives better instead of just saying that you’re better than the Republicans, and really little else...
I've tried making this point on various "liberal" blogs for the past eight years, and I have been mostly met with the worst kind of geographic bigotry. It's bad enough when people refer to you as a redneck, hillbilly, etc. And, of course, any criticism of the Great O instantly brings out the race card, without a hint of irony to players that are dealing exactly what they're accusing you of doing. The silliest thing,but something that really irks most Southerners, is the moronic rejoinder that "we whipped your ass in the Civil War" as the one statement that wins every argument. As I told one fellow 15 years ago, "We'll never forget the Civil War because you will never let us forget it."

btw-- read the entire article; it has a lot of good advice for Democrats.

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