Monday, November 10, 2014

Whining Catholic Cons

The demotion of a conservative church oiffical has gotten certain conservative Catholic panties in a wad.

Pope Francis Gives Raymond Burke The Boot - Esquire
...Throughout the sexual-abuse crisis brought on by the vast corruption within the institutional church, it was the very people whom Douthat celebrates here who tried to bury the scandal, to distance the church from its own crimes. It was they who celebrated the insufferable Bernard Cardinal Law in Boston when he tried to pin the whole thing on the media. It was they who gave themselves over to fanciful conspiracy theories involving liberals and (that old standby) the Jews. It wasn't the people Douthat mentioned who stood up to Law in Boston. It was a handful of brave priests like my friend, Walter Cuenin, many of whom were punished for it. It was the conservative, institutional church within which these crimes were committed, and it was within the conservative, institutional church within which the cover-up was engaged, and within which it continues to this day. To make those people somehow the victims in this context is very close to obscene...

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