Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comment Of The Day: Ferguson Verdict


East Coast 2 hours ago

I hope the family files a wrongful death suit so that the facts can be made public.

And while I don't condone the violence, I always find it interesting that public officials never pay much attention to these pockets of poverty and despair until violence erupts. There never seems to be enough money or manpower to help the poor souls who live in places like Ferguson. Yet, as soon as violence might be in the air, the public resources (police, riot vehicles and gear, tear gas, etc.) pouring into the community seem almost unlimited. Local police officials are happy to grab a microphone to decry the looting and burning, but in calmer times, you rarely hear them decry the lack of jobs, better housing, community centers, etc., etc. -- the things that might make life better for all concerned.

You can't blame the people of Ferguson for their anger. The shooting of an unarmed black man goes unpunished, while white bankers and hedge fund criminals -- who have created much more destruction than Michael Brown ever could -- also go free. And once the violence dies down, the media satellite trucks will disappear and the residents will still be left with their hopelessness.

Before you condemn the people of Ferguson for their actions, walk a mile in their shoes.

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