Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bernie Burns Billy

Watch: Bernie Sanders Shreds Bill O’Reilly’s Smear With A Brilliant Response |:

...At this point, Sanders had had enough and jumped in: “Democratic Socialist!” he corrected O’Reilly. “If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today, a good Republican, he would want to break up these huge financial institutions on Wall Street, and a lot of other industries as well, cause we have a huge concentration of ownership in this country that is very dangerous.”

He continued: “Second point, as a democratic socialist, whose view is very similar to many governments throughout Europe, no, I do NOT believe government should control everything. But I do believe healthcare should be a right of all people, I do believe college should be affordable to all people, and I do believe that the United States Congress should not be owned by a handful of billionaires!”...

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