Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rousey Is Right

Ronda Rousey unloads on NSAC for Nick Diaz suspension: ‘No reason’ to test for marijuana | MMAjunkie:

...Diaz’s punishment prompted numerous fighter to speak out against the commission on the former Strikeforce champion’s behalf. However, no one was more explicit than Rousey.

“I’m sorry; I know no one asked me anything, but I have to say something,” Rousey said. “It’s so not right for (Diaz) to be suspended five years for marijuana. I’m against them testing for any weed at all. It’s not a performance-enhancing drug. It has nothing to do with athletic competition, and it’s only tested for political reasons so they say, ‘Oh, it’s only for your safety so you’re not hurting yourself when you’re out there.’ So why don’t they test for all the other things that could possibly hurt us that we could be under the influence of while we’re out there?

“There’s no reason for them to be testing for weed. In athletics, the beautiful thing about it is it separates everything from politics. It shouldn’t be involved at all.”

Rousey expressed frustration in the fact Diaz’s UFC 183 opponent Silva, who failed multiple drug tests around the event for anabolic steroids, was only handed a one-year suspension for his violation. Diaz’s repeat-offender status played a role in the outcome of his case, but regardless, Rousey said the difference in punishments shows an obvious problem...

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