Tuesday, September 15, 2015

tRump Roast

My bold heh-heh-heh.

Everyone Should Treat Thin-Skinned Donald Trump Like He Treats Them:

...This is, of course, absolutely true. Trump is so thin-skinned that, if he swallowed a flashlight, he'd glow like a Japanese lantern. It is past time now for somebody else in the field, or some other influential Republicans who are not running for president, assuming there are any, to begin a campaign of relentless mockery. Laugh at his hair, his serial marriages, his three bankruptcies, the ludicrous tastelessness of his properties, his skeevy remarks about his own daughter, and the subatomic level of seriousness with which he has approached his entire public life, let alone his campaign for president. He should be subjected to every weapon that Doug Piranha brought to bear against poor Luigi Vercotti...


Alessandro Machi said...

Thusly making Mr. Trump a sympathetic figure to even more people.

Bob Harrison said...

I sure hope nothing makes him more sympathetic!