Tuesday, September 01, 2015

On The Alleged Biden Bid

Politix Update: The Vir

...The news media and and folks not enamored of Clinton want the vice president to run, and his every hiccup - whether meeting with Elizabeth Warren or inviting political aides to yet another closed-door session has been closely watched as Bidenistas in favor of a run manipulate a willing media. But all indications are that Biden will not run, most likely because wife Jill is against it.
"The more you look at the Biden bandwagon, it looks more like a ghost ship being pulled through the mist by a combination of hungry political reporters, Hillary haters (including most of the conservative media), and Delaware-based Friends of Joe who, of course, would love to see him run," writes Ed Kilgore at Political Animal...
ulent Cancer That's Eating Away At The Body Politic | Crooks and Liars

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