Friday, September 04, 2015

Comment Of The Day: Arby Blue Skin Edition

Arby's Employee Keeps Job After Refusing To Serve Police

Owner-operator at Self-EmployedJohn Locke · 

So let me get this straight, at a drive thru, a police officer had their order taken by someone who didn’t want to serve them because they were police; but they still received their order from the store manager who explained what the problem was and assured the officer that everything was ok. Then after fearing for her safety, she, a police officer, goes inside where the manager provides a refund.
The officer then uses the PR bully pulpit on Facebook and various media outlets to make unsubstantiated claims that their food was tampered with and demands an apology from the CEO of Arbys?
I, in no way condone the actions of the clerk; but has been blown way out of proportion in the public space.

Heck, as "Faux" News says about teachers all the time, "If you're that thin-skinned, don’t be a cop.

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