Thursday, September 17, 2015

When Ya Got Nuttin'-- Lie

Fiorina Attacks Hillary Clinton's Record By Lying About It | Crooks and Liars:

...Carly Fiorina is boasting about what, exactly? She practically ruined Hewlett-Packard, fired 30,000 employees, and got away with a hefty golden parachute. She bought wealthy 1%ers, HP executives, costly private jets. She was listed as one of the top ten worst CEOs of all time. Is that an accomplishment? They couldn't wait to fire her.

We also can't forget her costly and disastrous bid for the California Senate in 2010, where she was beat handily by Barbara Boxer. If Carly wants to battle Hillary on electability, Hillary won her Senate seat the two times she ran, Carly, not once. Let's be honest. When it boils down to it, reality is Hillary 2, Carly (less than) Zero!

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