Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Skippy is the AntiChrist

From the Jane Smiley comments thread at Huffington Post:

"One might think Bush's confusion at the question of "apocalypse" was just his usual inept, foolish self, but then when one visits a web site that has been on the internet since his election in 2000, saying Bush is the "Anti-Christ", one might wonder! The web site is

A little foot note too it, is it a coincidence that Bush announced his intentions for running for presidency in 1999? Reverse those 9's and one gets 666...! He was born July 6th, 1946, another coincidence he has some 6's in his birth date, also his name George(6) Walker(6) BushJr(6), of course all coincidence, and then he was the 46th governor of Texas...served 6 years in that position...! Calls himself a born again christian but in a televised interview about a Texas female death row inmate who was asking for clemency/mercy from him as governor of Texas, he laughed and mocked her "coming too god" and denied her mercy/clemency! But he did commute a death sentence a fellow named Lucas, a serial killer, unrepentent, allegedly a devil worshiper! One might find that curious considering he had no mercy for a lady who claimed repentence and finding god...! Yes I am sure he was confused at the reference too "Apocalypse" he very well may be part of a key main player..!

By: leatherneck on March 22, 2006 at 01:06am"

It was only a matter of time... remember Nostradamus...

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