Monday, May 12, 2014

Comment Of The Day: ACA Alf Edition

Democrats Polling Well Midterm Elections - What Is It That Arkansas? - Esquire  Charley James · 
 People ranging from Paul Krugman to Mr. Pierce to, well, me have been arguing for two years that Democrats should be running hard on ACA, not treating it like an embarrassment that they got passed by mistake when Republicans left the room for lunch.

Democrats should be using the Google machine to find quotes from Republicans in the 1930s about Social Security and put them alongside GOP statements about ACA. For instance ...

" ...we are compelled by a ... law to turn your money over to the government."

"You're sentenced to a pay reduction for all of your working life. You'll have to serve that sentence unless to help reverse it in November ..."

""This is the largest tax bill in history. And to call it ‘social security’ is a fraud on the workingman…. I am not exaggerating the folly of this legislation. The saving it forces on our workers is a cruel hoax."

These are from Alf Landon when he was running against FDR in 1936, and we know how people bought into the Republican line that year. And I found these is less than two minutes; no doubt an opposition operation could do better. In 2014, it's time for Democrats to actually stand up for what is the most important piece of social legislation since the 1960s.

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