Thursday, May 15, 2014

The VA Blame Game

Eric Shinseki VA Testimony - Eric Shinseki's Very Long, Very Bad Morning - Esquire:

...So here he is, 11 years later, and the people who lied this country into this war never have been truly called to account, and Eric Shinseki now presides over an institution in which serious criminal offenses appear to have occurred -- Blumenthal's right. This thing already screams out for real cops. -- and most of them partly as a result of misbegotten attempts to deal with the human cost of a misbegotten war the architects of which deliberately lowballed as just another element in an infrastucture of lies and contemptable deceit. Another part of it was the public destruction of Eric Shinseki for the crime of being right about what the rest of them were doing. This is one more cruel irony what already is a century too full of them.

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