Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Guns And Burritos

The Chipotle Anti-Gun ‘Scandal’ Has the Right Up in Arms - The Daily Beast:

...I guess it’s all good when a private individual on a ranch in Nevada resists government laws that conservatives are against, but those Occupy protesters were law-breaking scum, right? When private companies support gay rights or reproductive freedom or Obamacare, they’re somehow anti-democratic and undermining the will of the American people, but private companies that stand up for gun rights are All-American? Are conservatives only for big business when big business sides with supposedly conservative values? Is their whole free-market capitalism as neo-religion devotion simply a fa�ade for cloaking their ideological bias in economic rationalism? And if conservatives are against the private company in the case of Chipotle, are they suddenly for government? Which way is up?

I’m so confused I’m feeling dizzy. I need a burrito.

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