Monday, May 05, 2014

On White Privilege

“I’ll never apologize for my white privilege” guy is basically most of white America -

...But far more likely is the fact that Fortgang will continue to believe that being asked to check his privilege (which really just means recognizing, identifying and challenging the insidious operations of racism) is just whining from jealous haters. Because – like many white people – he doesn’t want to confront racism and white privilege because those things have — and will continue to — really, really help him out in life. And the reality is that he doesn’t have to confront this stuff, either. Not in his daily life, not while trying to find a job and not in any of the other ridiculous essays that he writes for his college newspaper. That’s exactly how white privilege works.
It is perhaps not obvious so I'll just point out-- not all whites enjoy privilege, though the implication in this article is that all do.

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