Thursday, May 22, 2014

Defending Shinseki--- Get The Blame Right.

Rachel Maddow: Don't Blame Eric Shinseki. Blame Congress!:

Rachel Maddow’s well researched piece goes way back to pre-Iraq War. She highlights what seems to have been a continuous undermining of General Eric Shinseki for speaking truth to power. He correctly estimated the number of troops that would be necessary to occupy Iraq to the dismay of his bosses. Soon after, Eric Shinseki was no longer President Bush’s Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

President Obama picked Eric Shinseki to lead the VA because of his stature and his fearlessness to buck prevailing thought in order to do what is right for the troops. It was evident then as many pointed out that the VA was antiquated and underfunded. In other words, political resolve was necessary, not only by a president, but by a Congress willing to institute changes and increased funding...

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