Thursday, May 15, 2014

Comment Of The Day:WPDS Edition

Achieve this | Uppity Woman: by SWPAnnA
It’s WOMAN President Derangement Syndrome. Joe & Mika think they’re super models. Fox NEWS is distinct from the Sean/Factor/Greta/Five stuff, but come ON, if you can’t see the value in getting an earful of how the opposition thinks, you’re just yearning for a “news” station that tells you what you want to hear about Hillary. Honestly: would you really WANT one of those Icon campaigns like “the One” hoisted? Here in Pittsburgh, when our Pirates win a game, we say: “Raise The Jolly Roger.” Face it: the Obats hoisted the Black Flag with intent to purge the EARth of anything that challenged their criminal designs on the glamor of the Oval Office. The “job” was Hillary’s because she was the workhorse, not the show horse, and now, after supporting countless male candidates, she’s the battle axe. When did you last hear ANY panelist pose a question of Obama’s achievements? He entered office with majorities in both houses and managed, over three elections, to totally squander it, just as Bush and his “brain” erased the surplus...

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