Sunday, May 04, 2014

"Outrageous" Death Penalty Comments

GOP Lawmaker Doesn't Care If The Death Penalty Involves 'Being Fed To The Lions':

 In an interview with the Associated Press published Saturday, Christian said Clayton Lockett's case did not sway his support for the practice.

"I realize this may sound harsh," Christian told the AP, "but as a father and former lawman, I really don't care if it's by lethal injection, by the electric chair, firing squad, hanging, the guillotine or being fed to the lions..."
To some people this was an appalling statement, but I get it. I am in favor of the death penalty under two conditions: 1) The guilt of the accused is far beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt , and 2) The execution can be done humanely-- and by that I don't necessarily mean "going to sleep." This latest drug fiasco was not humane but then again it was accidental.

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