Sunday, May 29, 2016

Comment Of The Day: GOPer Dalek Edition

Keep yer shirt on, Hillary’s got this | Uppity Woman: William, on May 29, 2016 at 12:57 PM said:

The Republicans are so spineless. Less than a month ago, we were heaing things like “Trump is a con man,” “Trump is very dangerous,” “Trump is a pathological liar.” Now everyone is falling in line, because they are being ordered to, and because ulimately it is all about getting those big campaign contributions. Rubio is pathetic. “Yes I. will. support Mr Trump. And if. he wants. me. to make speeches for him, of course I would be happy to do that. We cannot let Hillary Clinton be elected. LIke some kind of automaton, or someone who was brainwashed in a science fiction novel.

Besides the moral banktruptcy being shown here, the public gets another lesson in politics just being a big carnival show, like WWF, where people threaten to kill each other, and then go out to dinner together, with the profits they have made from conning the public. One admires the few Republicans like McCain’s ex-aide, or Max Boot, the foreign policy expert, and a few others, who will not support Trump. But all the political figures are going to. The Republicans are like the Daleks, they have only one purpose, to exterminate Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is always full of people who disdain the candidate, who would prefer to lose ten elections in a row. just to get their perfect candidate, who is usually someone who gets routed, but makes them feel virtuous while it happens. No one should make the mistake of ever thinking that the Republican Party has come to its senses, or that there is some level of candidate who ultimately is too abhorrent and extreme for even them to tolerate. That is really the great lesson of this election so far, not that most of us needed to see it emphasized once again.

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