Sunday, May 29, 2016

Journalists Discover A Truism About The Rich

Maybe the monstrous Silicon Valley PR machine which has anointed several CEOs as genius savors of the American Way and great and worthy men that we should all emulate has finally got some grit in its gears. From the early years of Steve Jobs and his poor treatment of the peasants to Bill Gates trying to get a cop fired over a speeding ticket, the tech bunch has been given a pass they never deserved. Their bad behavior was glossed over because they were "geniuses." Even if that were true, so what? I guess it all goes back to Thomas Edison's shameless self-promotion of his own "genius." Now, with all their power and money, they are prepared to exert their fragile ego needs into the First Amendment.

What Silicon Valley’s billionaires don’t understand about the First Amendment:

...Each of these investors – and many of those writing in a massive wave of local support for Thiel – add caveats that they’re happy to see “clickbait” or “gossip” journalists suffer but that they fully support “real” journalists. As Kholsa made clear by putting the New York Times on the side of clickbait, many Silicon Valley investors see most press as suspect.

After six years as a reporter in Silicon Valley, I’ve found that a tech mogul will generally call anything unflattering I write “clickbait” and anything flattering “finally some real journalism”...
I guess tRump is not the only buffoon with an abundance of money and a scarcity of good judgment.

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