Thursday, May 26, 2016

Comment Of The Day: tRump Summation Edition

Trump Advisor Exposes The Bankruptcy Of His Campaign | Crooks and Liars: maxdi

Trump is the logical conclusion of how Repubs have debased politics with the stridently artificial: an actor as politician (Reagan); ketchup as vegetable; invading the wrong country for the wrong reason and then screwing it up royally; astro-turf strategies poisoned by corrupting money; religion/social values invented to inflame less-educated voters; agitprop from a RightWing Noise Machine; disenfranchisement in the name of non-existent voter-fraud; and on and on. A serially bankrupt, narcissistic, know-nothing businessman with some reality-tv experience and facility for lying and flip-flopping is the best next step they cancome up with. One shudders to think what comes after Trump.


Alessandro Machi said...

(twilight zonish music of your choice plays in the back of your head as you read this)
A very eerie similarity between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Ronald Reagan was host of a television show, for 8 years. Donald Trump was featured on his TV show, for eight years.

Bob Harrison said...

Fortunately, the number of letters in their last name don't balance so we're safe from that probability--- I'll take anything that keeps tRump away from the hospital.

Bob Harrison said...

"hospital?" wth was I typing? Is this early onset dementia? I, meant, of course, "White House." Could be because I just came from a procedure. Who knows.