Thursday, May 19, 2016

On tRump's SCOTUS Lists

Trump Supreme Court Shortlist - Argument Against Bernie or Bust Movement:

...Reaction has been mixed. Senator Charles Grassley—he of the #NeverGarland movement—is over the moon about the list, which should worry any thinking person. Other conservatives seem to be taking the list as another one of Trump's "suggestions," this one more elaborate than most. As you can imagine, the choices themselves are fairly horrifying; Pryor and Gruender are fanatical anti-choicers. Sykes is on the record as supporting the right of organizations to continue to receive government funding.

But, as I said, these are probably just suggestions, as so much of He, Trump's positions are. But the list does serve three purposes: 1.) It gives us something new to talk about 2.) It is a sop to the saps in what we laughingly call the Republican Establishment and 3.) It eliminates any rational justification for the Bernie Or Bust movement...

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