Sunday, May 29, 2016

tRump And Enduring Hate

GUEST POST: Any support for Trump is support for bigotry, misogyny, racism, and sexism and deserves to be shamed | Eclectablog:

...I just got off the phone with a Republican friend who said: “It’s what politicians do. They say wild things in primaries and then tack back to the middle during the general. He’ll moderate.” No! I reject this. You can’t walk back hate. It must remain unacceptable to mainstream racism and bigotry. Our country was founded on the premise that we were all made equal by our creator and our political system was built upon this foundation. Any attempt to normalize the notion in politics that we are not all equal is an existential threat to our democracy.

Words have meaning and power. When it becomes acceptable to assign inferior status to a group of people because of their sex, race, religion, or heritage when it’s politically expedient and then to simply “tack back”, we have entered uncertain and dangerous waters for our Republic...

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