Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Fluff Reaches The Stratosphere

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly Repackaged A Year’s Worth Of Fox Interview Questions To Trump:

...But the interview not only featured a series of fuzzy, softball questions -- “Has anyone ever hurt you emotionally?,” “Are you going to stop [combatively tweeting] as president?” -- it also mirrored the way other Fox News hosts have engaged with Trump on air, shattering the illusion that Kelly is somehow different than her colleagues. A series of questions that Kelly tossed to Trump last night sounded conspicuously familiar, and for a good reason: they echoed questions that her colleagues have asked the presumptive GOP nominee over the past year...
Of course, it is a crap interview, but lest we forget--- media fluffing can be bi-partisan. Obama, that I can recall, was never subjected to a tough interview--- the kind Clinton gets 90% of the time. Every interview I remember consisted mostly of  "How does it feel to be the first black man to <insert whatever>." Poor old Sarah Palin had to play Foreign Policy Jeopardy just about every time she was interviewed. "Who is the third Undersecretary of Agriculture of Uzbekistan? And what color is his underwear?" The difference between all of them and Clinton is that Clinton could answer the Undersecretary questions.

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