Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Giddy With Voter Suppression

Exposed: Wisconsin GOP Staffer Testifies Yes, Voter ID Law Was Meant To Block Democratic Votes - Blue Nation Review:

...In a federal voting rights discrimination lawsuit against Wisconsin brought by liberal groups, the key witness is Todd Allbaugh, former chief of staff to then-State Sen. Dale Schultz.

Disclosing the details of a 2011 closed-door meeting, Allbaugh has testified that Republicans specifically wanted a voter ID bill to suppress votes and help Republicans win elections.

Allbaugh, who Hillary has commended for speaking out, said some Republican lawmakers — including Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, and former Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac, appeared downright “giddy” at the idea of suppressing votes in heavily Democratic areas like Milwaukee, home to many of the state’s black and Latino voters...

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