Tuesday, August 30, 2016

American Swimmers Got The Clinton Treatment

Looks like Rio police were the biggest liars in the Lochte drama... if anyone still cares about the truth - Hot Air Hot Air:

...Al seems really worked up over Lochte’s “lies,” doesn’t he? Has Al spent one second on the Today Show listing out all the people Hillary Clinton lied to about her email scam?

As for me, I will take the word of one of our Olympians (yes, even the flakiest of them all, Ryan Lochte) over an inherently corrupt, 3rd world Banana Republic trying to make their disorganized and crime-ridden sports festival look like the poster-child for American bad behavior.
That's the bottom line, but read the whole thing for yourself. My first suspicions were confirmed: media lynching. Like the Duke lacrosse incident, liberals were eager to tut-tut bad Americans; conservatives immediately jumped to the conclusion the Americans were being railroaded. Guess what? The conservatives were right. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. Both sides need to stop jumping to irrational conclusions before all the facts are in. SOS Clinton would certainly appreciate it.

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