Wednesday, August 24, 2016

AP's Deceptive Clinton Reporting

The following snippet illustrates the key point about all of the Clinton Foundation kerfluffle and coincidentally points out the incredibly biased and shoddy reporting done on the subject. The snippet is from Daily Kos via Blue Nation Review.

AP Under Fire for Shoddy Clinton Foundation Story | BNR:

...While pundits are tearing their clothes over an AP story showing almost 3% of meetings that Hillary Clinton held at the State Department involved people who had donated to the Clinton Foundation—so long as you extend the list to people who were involved in other charitable groups which donated to the foundation, and you limit your data to just a subset of Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. Which is frankly not shocking at all, no matter how much froth is produced over it. The Clinton Foundation hasn’t put one penny in the pockets of either Bill or Hillary Clinton. And extensive reviews haven’t found any evidence—any evidence—that it affected a single action at the State Department...

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