Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Defining Pay For Play

James Carville Debunks Smear That Clinton Foundation Donors Had Special Access To Hillary Clinton’s State Department
The following was snippet was taken from the comment thread at the link above.

...One of my tech startups was hustled by a 2 star general who regularly appeared on FauxNoise. We were seeking a contract north of $30 million but less than $49 million, with possible follow-on maintenance contracts, with a tier 1 gov contract firm. We were advised to be "introduced" by said 2 star to prove our veracity in this technology space. But he wanted us to contract through his son's firm for $2 million of consulting. It was too slimy for words, especially because I had worked with the CEO of one of our main tier 2 suppliers in SiliconValley a decade earlier with whom we were going to partner. That is pay for play...

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