Tuesday, August 09, 2016

tRump Skating On Threat

Ex-NSA Head: Others Would Be Detained Over Trump's '2nd Amendment' Line:

Michael Hayden, the ex-director of the National Security Agency and former head of the CIA, criticized Donald Trump on Tuesday for saying that "Second Amendment people" could stop Hillary from nominating Supreme Court justices. If someone "outside of the hall" said the same thing, Hayden argued, that person would "be in the back of a police wagon now, with the Secret Service questioning him..."


anonymous said...

Absolutely no surprise that Trump chose Wilmington for this kind of inflammatory speech.

That beautiful on the surface, rotten underneath, coastal city was the site in 1898 of the only successful armed coup in U.S. history. Wilmington's motto could be "If you don't like the rule of law, just take out your guns and murder your way into government." Heck, they've even got a city park today named after one of those murderers.

Why shouldn't what worked for white male supremacists in 1898 not work for just plain ole male supremacists in 2016?


Bob Harrison said...

Fascinating. Good information. I'm going to follow up and do a little reading on Wilmington. Thanks for the comment and the info.