Sunday, August 28, 2016

Peter Daou Is Right

My Tweet on Gender Bias Against Hillary Created an Instant Firestorm | BNR:

Anyone who calls it out knows this: Sexism is the thing that shall not be named in 2016. I encountered that unspoken rule today...
As I have grown tired of pointing out for at least a decade, if you refer to SOS Clinton as "Hillary" and you are not personally friends with her, you are committing a form of genderism. Referring to people, especially women, by their first names only diminishes them. Skippy Bush used to give everyone little pet names and nicknames, another practice that diminishes the person while puffing up the namer. How often do you see tRump called Donald by the media? Almost never. You do occasionally still see "The Donald," which is a way of magnifying or empowering him to be larger than life. Maybe, everyone should just start calling Clinton "The Hillary." I think I will just stick with the polite form and name everyone by their highest title. Well, everyone I respect, tRump.

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