Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Debate Comments

From the comment thread at Taylor Marsh's "Clinton: I'm A Fighter" post

And let me make myself PERFECTLY clear Elizabeth. We ALL know that if this primary had turned out to be between the two that actually deserve it: Hillary and John Edwards, none of us would be having these conversations and complete division in the Democratic Party that Obama blatantly and purposely caused.

I DO NOT appreciate having that man throw me under the bus after I have been in the Party for decades. He doesn't represent me, speak for me, or care about me.

A primary race between Hillary and Edwards would have been truly exciting, and would of showcased the very best of the Democrats and our principles. We love them both and would have been happy having either win, especially Hillary.

Obama has made this a National Disgraceful Nightmare instead. We're not happy about this one bit. I will never vote for him now, whereas 3 short months ago it hadn't entered my mind until his true colors came out showing the world he's a dangerous fraud. We have every right to feel concerned and upset at this disturbing turn of events and reality. His sexist racist attitude was his first fatal mistake, the negatives keep piling up.

I'm sticking with the capable, scary smart, competent, caring, impressive, overqualified and true Democrat: Hillary Clinton. It will be the proudest day of my life to see be in D.C. to see her Historical Inauguration. We'll celebrate THAT for decades. Shez | Homepage | 02.27.2008 - 04:07 am | #

Here's another one:
Think if you were back in second grade, and a few kids had decided to torment you for a day. Everything you do, they make fun of or ignore; any reaction you have to them, from anger, complaining, trying to talk sense to them, they mock.

That's essentially what has been happening to Hillary Clinton in this campaign, as the media is absolutely determined to destroy her, and will not let up for one moment. No matter how well she does in a debate, the media makes sure to tell us that her campaign is struggling. Any complaint she may have is always called whining. Every so-called controversy is always her fault, her campaign's lack. Never once during this entire campaign have I seen the Obama campaign called to account for anything, forced to be on the defensive for one moment. It is always Clinton in their sights. It has made it absolutely intolerable for me to even watch five minutes of TV coverage.

I thought the coverage of Gore and Kerry was disgraceful; this is literally a hundred times worse. This is not even debatable. It's Goebbels-like. Some may call it sexism, but it comes from plenty of women in the media, too. As if they were the second-graders whose personal dislike of Clinton (for whatever strange psychological reason, I couldn't even imagine) allows them to forsake any shred of journalistic integrity while they are trying to destroy her. And until and if she withdraws her candidacy, they will never let up for a moment. And since the American voter is essentially forced to obtain his or her knowledge and information from the media, this "iron curtain" of disinformation and bias inevitably has its desired effect, so that as far as I am concerned, we do not live in a democracy any more; we live in a media-controlled, media-biased propaganda state...

William | 02.27.2008 - 08:49 am

And another...

elizabeth1949, that photo has been out since 2006. Obama posed for the photo. No one forced him to wear the traditional garb. It's got nothing to do with Hillary.masslib | 02.27.2008 - 08:55 am | #

One more...

I just withdrew my membership to the DNC. To allow this sexism to go on without critique means they no longer represent me. I'm a few years younger than Hillary which means I had to climb over the same piles of dung to build a career. Now we see that the dung piles were only the first obstacles to real sexism, which pervades every molecule of our culture (and not only ours).

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