Thursday, February 14, 2008

Elite Fundie Feud

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The Revealer: Border Disputes in the Christian Right

...Wead is referring to a network of elite fundamentalists in government, military, and business known at "the Family," in which I have more than a passing interest. I wrote about the Family in Harper's and at much greater length in my forthcoming book, named for the group at its core, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. Ok, so I'm working in a plug for my book. Forgive me -- it's not often that the public gets a glimpse into the faultlines of fundamentalism such as the one Wead has offered. Of course, Wead, an insider's insider, is stretching things a bit by casting his guys as victims of elite disdain. After all, many of the televangelists targeted by Grassley do engage in some shady accounting. But more important, for those of us interested in seeing beyond the image of a monolithic Christian Right presented by mainstream media, Wead, Grassley, and most of all Posner are revealing the class-based factionalism that pervades the American fundamentalist movement.

--Jeff Sharlet


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