Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogosphere Jumps Shark?

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...I find the slow descent to progressive irrelevancy on a couple of issues worthy of deeper discussion. First is the protection of the franchise. The idea that rules can be written to deliberately disenfranchise voters, and that politicians are “sleeping well at night” after disenfranchising voters should be something progressives shout about. A former friend of mine (good ol’ Unity Pony Obama has broken up more of my friendships than even Bush did!) used to be a big advocate of paper trails and protecting the vote. On the disenfranchisement of FL and MI because of “rules” (funny, using non secure e-voting machines can be considered “rules” as well)? Silence. An Obama win by adhering to fundamentally unjust rules is more important than principles of democacy. Sad. And dangerous.


The other issue is the legitimization of media manipulation. When the media was giving George W. Bush a free ride and cheer leading the nation to war in Iraq the progressive blogosphere was rightly up in arms. But, as Boehlert says above, part of the progressive blogosphere has encouraged the manipulation of the facts in regard to press coverage of Hillary Clinton. There has been a willful acceptance and active participation in the sexist attacks and character assassination of Hillary Clinton, as the Drudge picture fiasco so clearly demonstrates. The progressive blogosphere’s participation in the manipulation is probably best characterized by Matt Yglesia’s claim that us Hillary folk need to be told by “credible party leaders” how to vote and participate in the electoral process...


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